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Forest Stewardship Planning

The Vashon Forest Stewards (VFS) write forest management plans for private and public landowners. These plans address all elements necessary for landowners to enroll in King County’s current use taxation programs that reduce property taxes. Forest Stewards will inventory forest resources, help clarify landowners’ forest management goals and set a -realistic ten year activities plan, as well as draft a site plan and complete county applications for the Timberland, Forestland or Public Benefit Rating System (PBRS) programs. The amount of time required to complete a stewardship plan varies with the size, topography and complexity of each forest and with differences in the owner’s objectives and management regime.

The cost of a plan vary for those reasons, but are based on a $40 per hour fee. Some simple plans covering small acreage woods run as little as $400 or $500. More complex plans covering larger forest acreage can run into the thousands. There is currently no charge for applying to one of King County's current use taxation programs. In most cases a landowner will more than make back the cost of their forest plan in their first year of property tax savings.

For further information please contact,

Derek Churchill – 463-0331
Fred Sayer – 463-3816 or
David Warren – 463-9405

King County Current Use Taxation Forestry Programs

There are three King County programs that allow landowners to reduce their property taxes by making a commitment to retain all or part of their properties in forest cover. The Forestland Program is for forests 20 acres or larger: the Timberland Program is for forests between 5 and 20 acres, and the Public Benefit Rating System (PBRS) allows for forests down to 4 acres. There is currently no charge for enrolling in these programs. Each program requires a Forest Stewardship Plan.

Taxes can be reduced substantially. Land assessed as forestland in Washington State is valued around $200 per acre, whereas land on Vashon is really valued at least a hundred times greater or $20,000 an acre. Since King County charges in the range of $12 per $1,000 of assessed value in property taxes, the difference can be substantial.

For a 10-acre property assessed at $20,000 per acre the total value would be $200,000, and when taxed at $12 per $1,000 would amount to $2,400. If assessed as forestland at $200 per acre, the same 10-acre parcel would have a total value of only $2,000 and thus taxed at only $24. Hard to believe, but true.

The PBRS tax reduction is figured differently, but ranges from 50% to 90% less. All these programs apply to land taxes and not to building taxes.

For further information regarding the Timberlands or PBRS Programs call Ted Sullivan at 206-205-5170 or log on to:

For information on the Forestland Program call Susan Monroe at 206-296-3969

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